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About Maria


Maria is a freelance medical writer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a self-motivated, reliable problem-solver. She has over 10 years of hands-on clinical experience as an outpatient physical therapist during which she developed several areas of expertise. Her hands-on, practical experience gives her unique insights and areas of interest to explore and communicate to others as a medical writer.

Maria is passionate about educating healthcare providers through her medical writing to enable the highest quality evidence-based care. Her writing style strongly empowers patients by encouraging honest, open communication to facilitate their informed decision-making. 

Maria is dependable and task-oriented. She enjoys working independently with flexibility of schedule and holds herself to the highest standards with integrity. She is no stranger to hard work, deadlines, and multitasking.

She is happiest when both of her brain hemispheres work together to solve complex problems - combining her analytical, logical, scientific mind with her creative, artistic, emotional mind. This makes medical writing the perfect profession for her as it combines the art of writing with the biology of constantly developing medical science.

As a freelance medical writer, Maria is determined to share the latest scientific knowledge to change human lives. She is available to take on new medical writing clients on a freelance basis.

Rare Gem

"Maria shows genuine concern and empathy for each patient, spending countless hours of her own time researching for them. She is a true rare gem and I am thankful for her."

Let’s Start Working Together!

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